Guide to Authors

  • Please follow the author guidelines carefully.
  • All submissions should strictly be prepared per author guidelines.

Preparing manuscript text

 1.   File formats
PDF (Adobe Acrobat) and DOC (document Word) format. The manuscript including tables and figures should be prepared as a single file in PDF and DOC format. Please note that figures and tables should be appended at the end of the file. The first page is the title page. The second page should contain authors name and affiliation with contact information  including E-mail address. The third page should contain Abstract (English), Abstract (Arabic).

2. File Name
The file should be named by the“surname” of the corresponding author with the PDF  and DOC file format extension.

3. Article types and paper style.

A. Manuscript:
The original manuscript should be typed on one side of A4 paper, written in MS-Word. True-Type 1 fonts are preferred. However, double spaced with a 25.4 mm (1″) margin, for first draft paper is preferred.

        • Abstract with 250 words at the max.
        • Key words 4 to 8 keywords.
        •  Introduction with 600 words at the max.
        • Material and methods with 600 words at the max.
        • Results, Discussion, and Conclusion (1400 words at the max)

B.Typing Instructions
Authors are kindly requested to abide by the following instructions:
1. Page Setup:
A macro-form of Ms-Word is prepared and will be send to author upon completion. The macro will include font type, size, page margins, and paper layout.
2. Font type:
English (Times New Roman).

Font size as outlined in the following table:

4. Preparing figures
The following file formats are accepted:

    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • High resolution is required

      5. Preparing tables

      All tables should be in Microsoft Word.
      6. Published data
      Please note that it is the responsibility of the author(s) to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reproduce figures or tables that have previously been published elsewhere.
      7. Referencing style

      Referencing of most relevant journal articles are welcomed (please be highly specific in citing references) and should be numbered as they occur in the running text (ascending order). Referencing of unpublished data, book(s) chapters and conference materials are not allowed.

Please the References style as below:

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