Vol(9)No(1)December, 2019

The combined effect of Remilitine and copper on the growth and production of the earthworm Eiseniafetida
Aebeed S. Aebeed, Abdalla I. Mohamed and Abeer H. Amer  pdf

Application of Empirical Mode Decomposition Combined with Local Linear Regression for the Daily Stock Markets Prediction
Abobaker M. Jaber1, Kasem A. Farag ,Ashraf A. A. Younis and Ahmed M. Mami  pdf

The histopathological and histochemical alterations of the gastric ulcer induced by acetic acid in rats
Eda M. A. Alshailabi , Hana M. Asrafiel and Ahmed S. H.Ahmeedah  pdf

Geodesics Equation on Surfaces of Revolution Using Noether’s Theorem in Euclidean Space
Amina, B. Mohammed and Anis I. Saad  pdf

Recombinant Expression of Functional Mouse AhR LBD in E. coli
Wail A. Elhawari , David R. Bell , Manal F. Yaya , Iman A. Ayad and Abeer H. Amer   pdf

The Effect of Aqueous Extract of Indian costus Roots on Paracetamol Induced Renal Injury in Albino Mice
Kaula A. F. Saad , Nagia A. S. Abdalsalam , Intisar O. Abdalla and Hanan A. M. Alkailani   pdf

Framing Cross Product to Hyperbolic Minkowski Spaces
Bassma Abdlrazg, Ola Mohammed and Anis I. Saad  pdf

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